Hey hey hey! How is this quarantine doing for you and your family? I hope y’all doing good. As for me, I think I’m getting used to it. It’s much easier for me though since I used to stay indoors rather than going out. But, I’m also not implying that I hate doing outdoor activities. […]

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Siargao Travel Diary I

Whenever I think back about my Siargao experience, I would always think of the laid- back environment; the hospitality of the locals; the perfectly breaking waves, glistening in the rays of the sun, crashing into the shores only to repeat its actions in an eternal happiness. If only I could go back to that beautiful […]

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I guess you already know from the title that this blog post is overdue…for 3 months already. Sorry heaps. I’ve been busy with school works and ya know ya gurl. “Acads” always come first. As a way of making up to you guys, here are some photos that I will be sharing from a spontaneous […]

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Currently, Lately

Hello, heaps! I missed blogging so much and I can finally update ya guys. It’s finally Sembreak! Time to catch up on some sleep and get beauty rest. Tbh, I didn’t expect that semester to be challenging it felt like 2 semesters combined but so happy I was able to survive it. Currently, I’m always […]

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And here I am now, in my last year of being a so-called “teen”. Tbh, I feel like the childishness inside me will never get away. I think it’s still important to feel that once in a while especially when we get so serious about life and forget to pause for a while and rest. […]

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Hey there! I really missed the blogging world. Since it’s already sembreak it’s time to make it up to you guys! For now, here’s an overdue style post. There will always be busy days at school or at work. As for a busy bee like me, I really find it more convenient to opt for […]

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 Take Chances

It’s been 2 months since I entered college and honestly, I am still coping up the momentum and at the adjustment phase. Every week, we have a series of lab experiments and tons lab reports to do. On the lighter side, I am blissful and privilege to be a part of several organizations/clubs at school […]

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