Crewenna El Alid aka Kaye is currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Biology at Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan. She dreams of becoming a doctor besides from being a style/travel blogger.

Even when she was just six years old her mom already influenced her in to the fashion world by dressing her up in different kikay outfits and from then on Kaye didn’t stop on being inclined in fashion. As she grows with different fashion eras, she realized how important is dressing up  and it doesn’t matter on how people will perceive you on the outside but on how you feel inside and it is what matters most. She believes that in dressing up it helps you build confidence and increase self-esteem. Until now, she still carries her mantra which is “In dressing fashionably, it does not really matter how people will look at you but how you feel inside. In other words, dressing up is a way of expressing one’s innermost desires and feelings.”


It was in the summer of 2013 that Kaye started to have a glimpse of the blogging world, thanks to her mom who first introduced her favorite bloggers up to this moment and that were Camille Co, Laureen Uy and Kryz Uy. She always read their blogs about styling and traveling. Not long enough, she became inspired and clasped the idea of starting a blog too. Why not right? She wants to share her take on styling and traveling too. More than that, she loves to share random things that are mostly about dressing up, life lessons and the places she has travelled to. She created this blog  to be heard and give hope and inspiration to whoever reads her blog posts.


WANDER – Kaye loves adventures and seeks to explore more of life’s wonders.  She still dreams of visiting the places on her bucketlist and on top of that are Hawaii, Paris, Rome, Greece, Dubai and Cuba.

STYLE – Kaye has always been a fashionista and she will forever be. She always love dressing up and styling things because it makes her feel extra and confident. She doesn’t settle for less instead she works on her weaknesses with a positive mindset.  She believes that no one can ever go out of style because the person is already an art itself. In order to feed that style, that is when the person needs to wander in order to give that style a little spark.

It was in fact, her dream to travel and love for fashion that has inspired and pushed her in creating Wander with Style so she can share her travel adventures and fashion tips to her dear readers.

Join her as she continue her blogging journey in the intricate world of fashion, travel, and sophistication of lifestyle as she Wanders with Style in a world she sees with vibrance and endless adventures.


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