I’m back!

Hey guys! I know it’s been a long time since I created a blog post and it was only last year that I made one. Honestly, I got so busy with schoolworks since I was a graduating student and I really wanted to focus on my academics because I had one goal before my senior high journey ends and that was to become an honor student and happily I’ve made it yaaaay even if sa 2nd sem na finals lang lol! Another reason why I’m really not active for the past few months is because I’d been working on my blog’s name and theme thank God with the help of my old friend my blog has now a new look! What do you guys think?

For now, I will be posting some photos with my barkada of our graduation ball photoshoot. Don’t worry will be back soon with more posts for you to read on and also I will be sharing the reason why I chose “Wander with Style” as my new blog name so watch out for that 🙂


Sanny Malagum Jr.
Madeleine Mordeno
Mikay Salaum
Junihench Actub
Yours truly, Crewenna El Alid


                       HMUA: Aico Aljas    

                    PHOTOS: Vince Bragat


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